Hanare Japanese Restaurant - Teppei

Hola! Introducing another Jap find again.
This time, it's Teppei's sister restaurant, Hanare.
For the uninitiated, Teppei is famous for it's affordable omakase.
As for Hanare, I guess it's their affordable chirashi don?

Bf and I ordered different set.
He had the chirashi don, while I went for the Anago Steam Rice.
Realise anago was another version of unagi/eel. There's a difference between them but I'd leave google to explain.
Both sets come with various sides, but be warned that the sides are pretty dull, boring and....not very yummy la

Look at the chunks of tuna and salmon!
It looks pretty nice, but we were rather disappointed with this bowl. I guess it's not worth the hype? We both agreed The Sushi Bar serves better and fresher chirashi.
The only plus point was the price, at around $18.

The restaurant is really small and cramp. I guess you get what you pay.
One thing I'd like to comment was the chairs in the restaurant. I always nearly trip when I whiz past other diners to get my buffet sides.
 Buffet sides for chirashi don... damn sian
 Sides for my main course...also sian
 Curry which I didn't try
 Very small hor
 The sides I took:
See liao also sian, haix
 My anago steam rice was the best.
The steam rice is brownish in colour and taste superb. For $19.90 with sides (disappointing, though) and drinks (tea), I guess it's worth a visit.
But just once will do.

Overall, ok, but I won't go back.

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