食立方 Shi Li Fang hotpot - Orchard Central

I don't know about you, but I'm running out of ideas of where to eat.
These days we've been eating Jap food and I'm getting bored of it.

Came across an affordable eat while googling dining options in town and saw a deal on!
LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE: Newly Opened 'Shi Li Fang' in Orchard Central, Indulge In Deliciously Healthy Steamboat with $15 for $30 Cash Voucher - Choose From More Than 80 Varieties dishes With No MSG & Preservatives Added (Unlimited Redemption and Valid Daily)

And so...we headed to Shi Li Fang for Saturday night dinner.
We had their set dinner which comes with meat, soup base and drinks.
We ordered 1 barley and 1 water chestnut drinks.
 Try the sesame peanut sauce. I like it.
We ordered 2 sets - 1 beef with fish soup and 1 Shi Li Fang pork tenderloin with tonic chicken soup. Each set comes with various veggies and egg.
Look at the plate of beef!!
BTW, the 2 pieces of white things are not tofu haha
These are handmade noodles for you to put into your soup!
This is the tonic chicken soup with the pork (the photo shows that it's marinated and brown but my pork was really fair haha)
I rec you to try the tonic chicken soup!
 Each diner will have their own induction cooker which you can dip your meat in. It was quite an interesting experience - generally, we share a big pot of soup among a group for hotpot/steamboat/shabu shabu.
 It was also fun to DIY your handmade noodles! hehe
I'm really pleased with what I had because everything were fresh!
Furthermore, the deal voucher made it more worthwhile!
If you are running out of dining options, try Shi Li Fang :) 

181 Orchard Road
#07-10/11 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

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