Le Cuisine by Chef Daniel Koh (sucks)

Located in Chinatown Point, this "restaurant" is owned by self-titled "Celebrity" Chef Daniel Koh.
He appeared quite regularly on TV.

Anyway, the purpose of my post is to remind you not to waste your money in this store.
Nope, they didn't pissed me off with their service. But then again, they do not serve water. So if you ask, please be reminded that they'd ask you to buy MINERAL WATER at $3++

What pissed me was the standard of the food. Come if you'd like to taste mediocre food.
I ordered the crabmeat & ebi burger and it was soooo bloody salty.
Is this the kind of food standard by a "celebrity" chef?
What's more, it costs $13.50++
Super disgusted by what I ate.
I couldn't even sleep well at night and felt like vomiting.

Presentable but CRAPPY food

I give this a 0.1/5

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