2D1N Malaysia Penang Guide - Accommodation, Georgetown Street Art and 10 MUST EAT Food

2D1N is enough.
Here's a guide on where to stay, where to eat and what to eat.
Tips ($$) are welcome :P


We stayed in Armenian Street Heritage Hotel.
Decent, but not top-notch.
Located in Georgetown and accessible to all the places I need to go

What to do? Sightsee, sightsee and sightsee

Wander and roam around because everywhere is great for photo-taking. From street art to retro shops, everywhere can be a scenic spot as long as you look good :P

1. Georgetown Street Art

2. Peranakan Mansion

Visit the Peranakan Museum as well, because there's nothing much left to see.
I left speechless as there were tons of gold and expensive jewellery in the museum.
WTH, the rich back in those days, were bloody rich! I don't wish to spoil too much fun, so here's a few teasers:

3. Chew, Tan, Lin Jetty

Enter here for another photography spot

What and where to eat - 10 MUST EAT

  1. Toh Soon Cafe
This old school kopitiam is good for breakfast, but hey, we saw it in the noon and thought, just have it for lunch man.
Total damage, 10 ringgit. I don't think if the guy "chop" me because we can't speak Malay, but never mind, the food is just too delicious.
Please get the nasi lemak. I love it, although it's cold

2. Beef Kway Teow Tng

Alright, I've no idea how to direct you here, but I guess most food in Penang are just as good.
This beef kway teow tng was really awesome. It is hidden in a coffee shop.
Surprisingly there were very few people, considering the soup was so delicious.
But then again, we came on a Thursday, so you know what to do.

3.  Char Kway Teow near Tan Jetty

Not the best char kway teow, but decent as well. Do get the nutmeg drink which is not found in Singapore.
Weird at first sip, but refreshing at the next sip.

4. Street Food at Lebuh Kimberly

Lebuh Kimberly is a great place for food. Come at night because this is when the stalls are opened

Please don't order these 3 - kangkong w cuttlefish, haojian and chicken wings+ satay.
They sucks. We'd much prefer the ones in Singapore.
Ok, the haojian were not bad.

One of the must try is this dessert called Si Guo Tang. I don't know what's that, but all I can say is, it taste like Cheng Tng lor.

5. Breakfast at market near Chowrasta Bazaar
We had chee cheong fun with prawns and pork and kway teow tng. So-so lor.
But I love the drinks over at Penang. The ice milo was so gao (thick), an so was the ice coffee. Yummy

6. Must eat Chendol - Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol

Cheap Cheap, 2.30 ringgit, but it's a very small bowl.
We came here twice, and shared a bowl twice. Bf must be sad because he wanted to have a whole bowl by himself but I said "NO".
Hoho, because I normally can't finish drinks and desserts all by myself.
Anyway, the chendol was really delicious lor. MUST TRY OK. Shit, I'm craving for it already.

Other than the chendol, you get to eat the Penang Laksa, which is different from Singapore Laksa that is coconut & curry based. Penang Laksa is sour, and uses prawn paste. 

Try their Rojak as well. No youtiao one. Instead, there is green mango, pineapple, cucumber and another thing which idk what it is called -.-

7. Mugshot Cafe

Recommended by bf's friend. Food is affordable compared to Sg's cafe, but of course, I'd recommend Penang Street Food anytime la.
I think we came here because it was my birthday and bf said he wanted to buy me a cake. Oi, in the end he didn't (but that's also because I said I don't want haha)
So, we had a beef burger which was pretty nice as the patty was juicy (but I prefer Omakase burger, but bf say got fight, pi la). 14 RM for 1.
Apple juice with celery - RM 10, exp hor
Smoked salmon with cream cheese on a bagel, baked in the cool looking oven (more like it's for pizza) - RM 10.
Here's the address:
There's bakery just beside it called Rainforest. I didn't try it, but if you do, let me know :)

8. Famous Charcoal Char Kway Teow @ Kafe Heng Huat

We walked around 20 minutes just to get to this place, so if you're lazy, take a cab.
This is apparently a very famous CCT stall by an equally famous fierce auntie.
IDK the story but from the article, it seems like the auntie is very rude and fierce one.
I don't know la, cause bf was the one who ordered from her. But he mentioned he ordered from the assistant and both of them face black black one haha, must be the charcoal (*shivers*)

This CCT costs 9RM ok. Don't play play. Normal CCT costs only 3-5 RM.
Siao bo, got so nice meh?
Yes, it is really very delicious. I guess the higher price is also because of the prawns they used. The prawns were big and meaty!
Remember to order a cup of lime juice. Great for their hot weather.
They have this weird rule that if you don't buy drink, you need to pay 50cents RM.

9. Lor Mee and Fried Bee Hoon opposite the hotel

Breakfast was at the lor mee stall. Not bad la, ice coffee was great too
Bf ordered fried bee hoon as well. Also not bad lor

10. Curry Mee

Well, based on the poster above, I'd have thought that the stall would be filled with people.
But no, we were the only ones.
It felt like a home rather than a shop.
Anyway, the curry mee was yummy la, despite the lack of customers.
Love the pig blood omg!

That sums up my 2D1N birthday trip. At least it was affordable and kept my stomach happy!

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