Supply & Demand - Orchard Gateway

Had a girls night out at Supply & Demand in town.
Recommending this place for dates or girls' talk because the ambience is really good!
Quite affordable as well since there is a current promo where the 3rd main is at 50% off!

Not a fan of their carbonara because it is freaking creamy! Yucks, I think I'm lactose intolerant because I will LS and vomit after drinking milk in the early morning.
I can't stomach creamy stuffs like icecream as well fml...
The girls love it though

My fav here - PIZZAS!
Me thinks the pizzas are a must-try at SS & DD (lol using my rusty econs terms)
I enjoyed this the most

Chicken as prepared as the Chef deems fit
Uh, not my kind of dish.
The chicken was tough. I just don't like the sauce that accompanied it.
This dish tasted pretty weird to me.

Regardless of the food, I'll probably head here someday again with boyfie!

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