10 Reasons to take a Cruise - 5D4N Costa Cruise - Langkawi and Phuket

Happy CNY Everyone!
Back to update on my cruise. The cruise was a month back (felt like it was eons ago) and I'm hoping to go on another cruise trip soon!
I enjoyed my Costa Cruise trip very much and here are the 10 reasons why:

1. "Free" Shows
There are entertainment programmes laid out everyday and these are truly entertaining.
I labelled it as "free" because it's paid for in your cruise fees. 
We watched all the shows ranging from magic to musical to performance by "Michael Jackson"

2. Free-flow food in high-class restaurants

The food ranges from pasta, burgers to desserts and fruits. We were well-fed.
I don't particularly fancy Italian food, but all these were passable - not the most fantastic I've eaten, but good enough

3. Travelled to Phuket!

Take a look at our majestic ship from Patong beach!

Thai food at Phuket

4. Travelled to Langkwai

Langkawi was really boring but at least we got to eat some local food which made me happy! I very much prefer non-Western food please.

5. Enjoying the cool breeze and munching on food for tea breaks!

6. Enjoying the facilities onboard the ship

Facilities range from gym, indoor jaccuzzi and outdoor pool.
Look at the pools! Well, don't expect to swim here. All we did was just dip ourselves into the outdoor jacuzzi.
Mind you, it was freaking hot and sunny.

7. Exciting night event on the last night

Poolside party, anybody?

8. Variety of programmes lined up for you

One of the highlight for us was winning a cup of cocktail LOL.

We also attended short quizzes and Italian language crash course (although I forgot almost everything).

 9. Excellent housekeeping services

Our rooms were kept really clean whenever we leave and come back. They even folded cute animals to welcome us back!

10. Watching sunset with your other half
 Too bad we were too lazy to wake up for sunrise - it was good to sleep in.

I truly enjoyed my trip with my boy and I hope to bring my parents onboard soon! :)

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