1 day JB trip - again

Ever since I discovered JB - my "heaven" of delicious yet affordable food, I've been going there frequently.
With the strong SGD, food there are slightly cheaper as well.
This is a short post to document what I had!

1. Penang Chendul
If you read my blog on my Penang trip, you'd found out that the Famous Teochew Chendul in Penang is the bomb!
Tried this in City Square at x2 the price, but in a bigger portion. Oh my, it was heavenly.
Bf was hungry so he ordered another assam laksa and he gobbled it all up :( ok la, I wasn't really hungry.
But now I'm salivating typing this

2. Blackball dessert
Dessert is never enough. Tried this next at KSL and I feel happy chewing on those taro and sweet potato balls.
OMG I'm missing it.
Will try not to eat this in Sg since it's cheaper in JB -.-

3. Assam Laksa @ KSL
I will always have this when I'm at KSL. Slurped down this bowl with bf and we feel happy. 
He felt the assam laksa was tastier at Penang Chendul store but I very much prefer this

4. Dontaku Jap food
Had this for dinner at 7 plus. I was famished. Since we've not dine here before, we gave it a shot.
Really value for money meal. Look at this set! This is just one set of grilled eel!!
There's miso, chawanmushi, rice, grilled eel, salad, crispy chicken and salmon sashimi. was all GOOD.
Singapore jap restaurants need to buck up man.

That sums up my 1 day trip of eat and chill.
Can't wait to go back again

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