I regret not studying harder.
Or was I not smarter?
I regret not doing well for PSLE
and then Os
and then As.
I regret not being able to study in the top universities, from Oxford to Cambridge to UC Berkley.
I regret I didn't make the mark when I was young.

Now I'm no longer young.
I look back with regrets.
Regretting that I didn't get excellent grades, didn't get scholarships.

I regret not being a better person.
I regret being dislike.
I regret people do not look up to me.
I regret feeling overly-conscious of myself that I sometimes make a fool.
I regret my stupidity.
I regret my actions.

Or do I really regret?
I am still in a good place.
I graduated in a local U, with Honours.
I secured a decent job, enough to make ends meet as long as I plan my finances carefully.
I've my family.
I've my man.
They love me.
I may not have the most admiring factors.
I may not be well-liked.
But I am well alive and kicking.
I live my life, and I don't need to give a shit about what others say.

I regret, but I should not.

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