Ho Chi Minh Trippin - 3D2N under SGD$200

Ho Chi Minh or Saigon was unexpectedly enjoyable. I had fun, ate good food, and enjoyed lovely time with my boy just strolling around and slurping on their deliciously fragrant and smooth coffee. Excluding accommodation (I stayed in Edenstar Saigon) and air tix (took Tiger), we spent exactly SGD$200 for our trip expenses. #budgetbutweboughtwhatwewanted #notcheapskate

Food to try:

Speaking of coffee, it is a must try over at HCM. My favourite coffee chain is Phuc Long - vaguely similar to Starbucks but it's slightly cheaper.

There are 2 Phuc Long shops near our hotel within walking distance - 1 near Ben Thanh Market and the other near to Starbucks.
I recommend you to try their Peach Tea with real peaceh goodness; nearly everyone in the shop drinks that! We also tried their mint latte and cafe latte. Just try anything in the store and we guarantee that you'll love it.

Day 1 lunch was the best of the trip, possibly due to us being really hungry after our flight, but the food was really tooo good and set the expectations up high. This place is Yen's Restaurant located at Yen's Hostel where we had the best spring rolls and pho!

We also realised that passionfruit juice is really popular here. This drink is sold everywhere - even our hotel breakfast buffet has it, but we're not complaining because the fruit juice was really refreshing under a hot day.

Day 1 dinner was spent with the Saigon Walking Tour girls who brought us around on their scooters and bikes. Awesome time scooting around the roads, and the traffic was so bad man! But these 2 girls managed to bring us to our locations safe and sound. Also enjoyed good food with them for 4 hours. Yay!


Day 2 dinner was at L'Usine. Saw really good reviews of this cafe and told my boy that we should go. Had a hard time finding this place. But I do not recommend you to come here, unless you really love exploring cafes around the world. This place was disappointing in terms of food, price and service. I ordered their creamy linguine and was chewing halfway when I realised something I chewed was inedible. Sh*t. It was actually plastic. Informed the waiter who only apologised and didn't offer to change a new plate for me. Forget it, shan't kick up a big fuss since I was there to enjoy.
No doubt the ambience was decent, but I'd rather have my Vietnamese food anytime. Regret coming here cause we spent a bomb compared to the usual food we had. Oh well, experience counts.

We were walking around aimlessly for lunch on Day 3 before we head to the War Remnants Museum. Entered the Cô Ba Vũng Tàu Restaurant where we had banh khot, the incredibly delicious mini pancakes topped with shrimps and pork, and fried spring rolls. Salivating for more right now. I don't have the pictures of banh khot cause I was too famished to take a proper photo. Credits to the restaurant's website for the pic below. Don't they look yummy?

The waiter there was really nice and taught us how to eat banh khot - wrapped it on with veggies, dipped into fish sauce and slurp it down. Feels like eating Korean BBQ. Both are equally delish. They also gave how free fruits after our meal. How sweet!


For transportation within HCM, we took only cabs from these 2 brands: Vinasun and Mai Linh. Be wary of fake taxis that will ripped you off your money. Thank god our trip went well as our taxis were all metered. Trips range from S$2 to S$10+ (for our trip to the airport), affordable I'd say!

Places to visit

We were brought to the Notre Dame Cathedral and Saigon Post Office on Day 1 night. Ventured there on Day 2 as well as there was nothing much to sightsee in HCM city.


We also headed the the Pedestrian Street at HCM city, a newly opened stretch of pavement for people to walk about. It was nice seeing youths singing and dancing there at night!


You may also visit the Skydeck at Bitexco where you could see nearly the whole of HCM from Level 50 and above. Or you could also enjoy the incredibly expensive balls of icecream - SGD6 for 1 scoop, can you believe it? Lol, but well, all for the view.

20150906_152702_HDR After our lunch on Day 3, we headed to the War Remnants Museum. Shan't bore you with pics, so take a look at the museum if you're there.

Headed to the airport for our flight back to Singapore. Had enough money left for one last bowl of pho. The pho was soooo good that even namnam can't be compared to that.

That concludes our 3D2N tour in HCM. A right choice to venture there :)

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