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Random post - Would you prefer your man to have the looks or the height?

I choose height ;)

Anw, it's been long since I got excited about a Korean male celeb. Chanced upon Park Seo Joon and was immediately attracted by his looks and smile :D
Used to prefer men with big eyes and double eyelids, but my bf has small eyes and single eyelids -.- I find Seo Joon's eyes and smile really mesmerising! So does his dimples!

Maybe I should get my bf to enlarge his eyes more.

Just started watching She was Pretty because Park Seo Joon is acting in it.
Feeling really emotional watching it. I could relate to "Kim Hye Jin" - the feeling of being looked down on, lack of confidence, always subordinating under others, and...the feeling of meeting your crush.
I recall hiding and reacting crazily when my crush is walking towards me and feeling shocked in every encounter with him in school. Also, the feeling of your heart beating really fast because you know he is always stealing glances at you but you never dare to see him eye to eye.
Ah, such is my past. How interesting to recall these memories in my schooling years.
Every guy I met and liked in school gave me different feelings. The one in secondary school was cheeky and fun to talk to. That was my "first love". The feelings were mutual but we never got together much as he wants me to enter his JC, I never did and so, it was "goodbye"
The one in JC was the most exciting. Someone whom I never knew, but just admire afar just because he resembles somebody :P More exciting thing was knowing that he likes me. And how another guy in his class likes me as well - what a surprise. Thankful to him for making my 2 years in JC so exciting and memorable hehe
And the last ones. Interesting.
I sound boastful but the guys I have good feelings for all happen to have good feelings for me as well. I am aware of their feelings but, it all boils down to fate on who you end up with.
I'm now with this guy who well...doesn't really give me super romantic feelings as time passes by, but the feeling of stability shows how secure and comfortable I am with him. More importantly, he takes care of me.

Ah, I digressed. I conclude that I've officially grow old and will continue growing old as a hag. I'm also getting unattractive as days go back.

Hopefully, my other half doesn't mind (:

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