New Year, New Thoughts

Since a few years back, I dread CNY - I dread seeing my relatives because they'll start their criticisms and their low EQ made me pissed off. I also gave a blank face and look pissed whenever they talk to me, just so I don't have to entertain their stupidity.

Today, they came. Before they arrive, I was rehearsing in my head how I should react to them - give them the deadly stare, ignore them and retreat to my room.
But when they came, I laughed, I talked and I smiled - although not super happily. Things went well because the topic was ok. I was praying they don't ask me about work because I don't like to share those things. And they didn't. Phew.

And then it dawned on me - was I too negative in the past? Was I too grouchy?

I could have reframed my mind. I should have the following thoughts to make my life simpler, better and happier:

  1. I am good enough as long as I put in my best, as long as I acknowledge the efforts I put in
  2. Speak positively, think positively - fill my life with positive and kind words and remove the negative words like "hate", "disgust", "bitch", "bastard", "stupid"
  3. Be confident of myself - walk with stride, with confidence, SMILE and radiate good energy
  4. Know that I can't control things or people's mouth, but I can make them see me in better light
  5. Don't say too many "sorry". I always apologise for minor things, even when people step on me, I was the one who said "sorry".
  6. Be appreciative - say more "Thank you"
In this new year, I am also going to do more of the following:
  • Meditate
  • Stretch more, do some yoga
  • Eat better - eat more yoghurt, cut down on fast food (try to have it only once a month), don't eat too much salad (too raw is not good for my body, cut down on dressings), don't eat too much raw food (eg. sashimi) because they are quite toxic
  • Visit the TCM to build up a stronger body for myself and my future
  • Upgrade to the best hospitalisation insurance plan because I can afford it at my age
  • Invest more, at low risk because I don't have a big appetite for high risk. My target is to hit $100k in savings by age 28 (lol, who knows man)

It's already February (OMG), I've 10 more months to make a positive difference for myself. 

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