Day trip to Johor, Malaysia

My second time going into Johor, and I really think it's a breeze.
Changed my ringgits at Kranji station - 50sgd for around 120 ringgit.
Let me tell ya, I only spend around 20 odd ringgits in Johor teehee
Well, the rest were kindly subsidized by my bf :D thank you thank you

This is going to be a food post in City Square
We stayed in City Square for only a few hours before turning back into Singapore.
There's nothing much there - it's just a typical shopping center.
BUT, food prices are so much cheaper for Singaporeans.

1. Arashi Japanese restaurant
i highly recommend this place because of its affordable food
a similar meal in Singapore cause the same, except one is in ringgit, another is in sgd - you decide.

2. Meet Fresh, Xian Yu Xian 

What's there to do after your meal?
Take a walk around City Square.
If you're hungry for desserts, check out Meet Fresh, which sells Taiwanese-styled desert
Think shaved ice, herbal jelly and delicious chewy taro and tapioca balls
My must try when I go to Malaysia


3. Macarons at Lavender
Tried the macarons at Delifrance, but it was kinda bad.
Walked past Lavender and I bought the green tea macaron
It was so much nicer than Delifrance's! (but I still prefer Canele's)
For around $1.50 a macaron, it's really much cheaper than Singapore's.

I'm so going back to spend my 100 ringgits, this time, KTV or movies maybe? :)

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