Movie Premiere: The Croods 3D

Absolutely elated that I got a chance to get DreamWorks' latest movie - The Croods.
It was really crowded yesterday at GV VivoCity.

It was my first movie premiere, and the first time catching a movie at GVmax.
It was really huge, and can sit about 600 odd people (hehe, found it online)
The seats were big too - just like Seoul's; even the leg rooms were super wide.

Anyway, before entering the theatre, there were strict rules enforced.
Cameras and handphones are not allowed, and we had to deposit them in.
There were also security bag checks.

Catch it in cinemas on 21st march in 3D!
The movie didn't bore me at all - I laughed, and I cried.
I'm sure you would too!

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