Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood

I highly recommend this Tze Char stall, beats so many neighborhood stalls that I've went!
Especially the HORRIBLE food at Meiling Street stall

Decided to go for this tze char stall to celebrate mother's day.
My mum saw reviews of this stall on the Chinese papers.
Coincidentally, yesterday, my dad saw a review on the Sunday Times of this stall too!
Must be really good to receive so many media coverages la - and really, it did not disappoint (sadly, my stomach did).

Did a google search and told my parents that the Pumpkin Prawns and Dongpo Rou are highly voted.
I really love the pumpkin prawns! But it made me had diarrhea - I guess I suffer from lactose intolerance.
I was having so much difficulties with a bloated stomach and aching pain on my train ride home.
It can't be food poisoning because none of my family members rushed to the toilet - sian, why me!

Anyway despite my unpleasant pain yesterday, I really think this stall is worth a visit.
I came specially here when I live in the West!

Affordable prices!
However, we did not order any set meals, chose alacarte instead - it was cheaper for 6 of us too.
That's because we didn't order things like shark's fins or abalone etc.
Ordered 6 dishes in total!
Total damage was only $110 :)

Presenting to you, their signature pumpkin pranws!
Although this made me laosai, but it's okay I still love it
Just be warned that it's going to taste sickening if you ate a lot
But the first mouth will be heavenly!
Dip the broccoli onto the sauce okay!

The Dong Po meat that I did not touch at all.
I used to love fatty meat, but I don't know why it looks disgusting now -_-

Anyway, is this a new brand? Been long since I went to kopitiams la.
Ordered chrysanthemum and the auntie gave us this brand
Er, taste well it was normal lor - a bit too sweet

Ginseng chicken!
We dabao this back home because we were too full after 5 dishes :B
The ginseng chicken was average la
I'll be heading to Korea for their famous ginseng chicken soon! YAY!

202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-1690
Tel: 91516798

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