Anniversary lunch: Au Petit Salut

It was our first anniversary yesterday, and we decided to settle for somewhere at Dempsey Hill to celebrate because of its romantic ambiance (we assumed).
In the end, my bf reserved two seats at Au Petit Salut, which specializes in French cuisine, for it's 3 course lunch set meal.
The meal sets us to about $36++ for each, totaling $80 odd.

It was actually gloomy yesterday, and we could have opted for seats outside.
Didn't imagine that the weather would be rather cooling, since these few days have been very very warm.
Well anyway, sitting inside was not bad too.

I believe reservations should be done if you want to dine here.
When I was there for my lunch meal, the whole place was nearly fully-seated.

For starters, my bf had the escargots served on bone marrow.
ERGH, didn't fancy the escargot cause I can't appreciate them, but my bf said it was rather good, so don't quote me.

For me, I had (you know, I had to refer to my photos to see what I ordered. Shows how unimpressive the dish was to me lol) salad
The salad was pretty average, but I love the mushrooms and the bread toast in it.
Gobbled most of them up, while sharing most of the salad with my bf haha

My steak was ordered in medium, and I think it was done rather well.
But the problem is that it was difficult to chew.
Had to chew really long, and somehow the blood from the steak had this smell that doesn't make it taste fresh.
Anyway, the mash potato was AWESOME!
My bf said it tasted like it's made from powder, but I don't care, I just LOVE IT. 
Haha, can't believe I like the "cheapest" thing out of the plate, oh well.

My bf ordered the snapper meal, and it was really good (Argh, my choices are really bad).
The snapper along with prawn emulsion was flavorful!

Please do not order the chocolate creme brulee!
I left more than half of it untouched.
I just don't like the chocolate cream they served :(

I advise you to order the tofu cheesecake which my bf ordered.
It was delicious!

Should have ordered the choux bun, my bf was reprimanding me about not going with my choices and blindly following people's recommendation -.-
Of course must see what people comment right.
Read a few blogs that recommended choux bun, but at that moment, I wanted to try the creme brulee.
Eh, too bad.
Doubt I'll be heading back again to eat their choux bun :((

While such an experience was good for an anniversary, I can't comment very positively about the food.
I guess I'm not good at choosing lol

Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road
Tel: 6475 1976
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner

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