Korea 2013

Hello guys, I'm currently overseas in Korea.
I'll be heading to Jeju soon, thereafter, to Busan.
Stay tuned to my blog for updates on my travel experiences in Seoul, Busan and Jeju.

I'm sitting on my hostel bed, typing this post, with the TV on - it's playing Book of Gu right now
Never watched it before, but I do spot familiar faces like Suzy (she's EVERYWHERE here) and Lee Seung Gi!

UPDATE (25 MAY 2013)
Here are the reviews I'll be preparing soon:

  1. Seoul hostel - Shinchon hostel
  2. Jeju Hotel - Goodstay December Hotel
  3. Busan hostel - Mr Egg House (TERRIBLE SERVICE)
  4. Busan hotel- Hotel Angel
Food Guides:
  1. Seoul food :
  2. Jeju food
  3. Busan food
Places to go/things to do:
  1. Seoul attractions
  2. Jeju attractions
  3. Busan attractions
I'm currently half way through my 14 days F&E tour in South Korea.
Hyperlinks will be up once I'm started with these posts!

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