Work (life balance?)

Long time no see.
It's been 1 month since I started work, and boy, time flies (said this so many times)
Didn't blog because I was simply too lazy.
Imagine sitting in front of your computer 8.5 hours a day, for 5 days in a week.
Yucks, so much radiation.
But here I am, typing away again.

Work has been okay.
But it hasn't been easy - it is challenging, but stimulating because there're so much to learn.
It is a pain when you meet unappreciative and rude people at work.
But, I know no work is perfect, no place is perfect.

So far, I've pretty friendly colleagues.
Not so nice people are those that I deal with; my "internal customers", I would say.
They like to rush us for things, and send rude emails (what happened to email courtesy?).
I'm starting to understand, working life is sad; because people sometimes make things difficult for you.

I must say I've been rather blessed.
If you've followed through my posts, you'd know that there was a period of time where I was emo-ing about not getting a job.
Fast forward now, I'm kinda complaining about job (haha, disclaimer: I still love my job at the moment).
I'm lucky to have found a job in the area I like.
I'm not sure if I'll excel in this, but at least an interest in what you're going to do, makes learning much easier.
I try to keep an open mind when I learn from my bosses or colleagues who are much older.
I am respectful and polite even to the staff who are of lower rank - because I believe, if you want people to be nice to you, be polite to others' first.
I'm also lucky that I've a few colleagues who are of similar ages, and who are rather fun to hangout with.
It's good that I'm not alone during lunch, because I'll have colleagues to accompany me for my less-than-an-hour lunch.
I'm also lucky that older colleagues are rather nice to me - perhaps it's because I'm a fresh grad, and I'm young, that makes me approachable; and also trainable haha
I'm also lucky to have a rather understanding and fatherly boss who makes me feel less scared of approaching him on things I don't know.
I like it that he is very approachable and is willing to listen to my opinions - it is heartening to hear that he hope I can bring in new ways of doing things, because at least I've an "un-corrupted" mind.

There are times when I feel afraid of some things.
I'm afraid to talk to "internal customers" of higher position.
I'm afraid of talking to "external customers" because I'm not quite sure if what I said is politically correct.
There've been a few instances where "external customers" called or emailed to clarify if I'm sending them an email about certain details.
That's when I realized I might have phrased my words wrongly.
I'm not a very vocal person, but I'm not that meek.
I'm not very courageous, but I try to be.
I'm not that sociable, but I hope to be.

I hope that years down the road, my job, other than providing me an income, can make me grow as a better person.
I don't wish to climb up to high ranks or positions simply because I don't desire such things.
Some people may think I'm not ambitious but to me, what is more important is to balance work and life.
Not sure if I should say this, but most female colleagues are not married.
Quite worrying in my opinion because I wonder if I'll be like them too?
Most of them hold high ranks, and earn big bucks...but, if I'm in their situation, would I be truly happy?
Everyone wants a balance in life - but you don't always get what you want.
I'm trying to achieve a work-life balance.
I know this term has been used too often, and many have difficulty defining it.
To me, I know I want a decent paying job to be able to support myself, my parents and my future family.
I don't have to climb to high ranks, because it means more responsibilities and less time for myself and my family. I want to be able to spend time seeing my loved ones, or in the future, seeing my kids grow up.
I want to get married, have children, and be able to support them.
But then again, we women have it tough because it's hard to strike a balance between work and family.
If you work, you'll have to leave your babies or kids; only meeting them after work.
If you don't work and stay home, people will say you're wasting your youth and your qualifications. Don't work = no money too.
Sigh, the problem of Singapore Educated Women.

Enough talk already, just wish to pen down my thoughts.
Don't think people like reading these haha.
I know people are looking forward to reviews on deals or food instead.
Well, I try.

Catch this space for more updates!

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