Eighteen Chefs - Tiong Bahru Plaza

Eighteen Chefs ( is a social enterprise serving Western Fushion Cusines (Halal too).
They employ troubled youths and help them to reintegrate into society.
I believe this is a worthy restaurant to support.

Headed here for dinner at Tiong today, after watching Thor.
Was pleased with what I ate and knew I had to share.

It was great to be able to book for tables with the aid of an ipad in front of the shop.
Really fuss free - key in your number, and an automated call will be directed to you once there are seats.
I didn't wait too long before getting 2 seats.

The ordering process is self-service.

Get your utensils and sauces here - self service.

Ordered the Funky Salad, and the Baked Rice (apparently the BEST - according to ieatishootipost)

Along with my baked rice set, I had a cup of lemon tea - which was really good.
I really love this cup! (anyone knows where I can get them?)

The salad was refreshing, but not quite worth the $9.80+ price tag.
Prawns were decent, but there wasn't much olive oil or lemon taste.
I added cheese and chilli flakes to spice things up :P
Told my bf I should try making my own soon!

I highly rec their baked rice.
I don't know if it's the BEST, but it certainly was good.
We ordered a special ingredient - mango :O
I'll try to be daring with my food choices IF POSSIBLE.
Luckily for me, the mango-mushroom baked rice didnt suck!
In fact I LOVE IT!
It was a great mix.
Also, the cheese was generous enough; cant imagine how cheesy it'll be if I ordered/top up additional money for the "double cheese".

FYI, you're allowed to mix and match different ingredients to get the baked rice you want.

At the end of it, we had a cup of ice cream too!
Look at how pretty it is :) 
It comes in all my favourite color - pink, blue and purple!

Didn't top up $4 for the additional waffle, which was quite a waste.
Should have top it up.

It was a really nice meal there.
I like the open concept of the restaurant, their social mission, the fuss-free ipad-booking of seats, and the efficient service.

I'll certainly be back!

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