Brunetti, 4Fingers @ Plaza Sing, Le Chocolatier @ Robinsons Orchard

You know, every since I started working, I've been going out frequently on weekend dates with my bf (and friends).
But, I never found the time to blog about my finds! :(
I've so many backdated entries - one kind reader mentioned that I didn't blog about my Food finds in Busan.

Okay, so one fine Saturday, we went to town.

#1 Brunetti, Tanglin Mall (#01-03/04 & 01-35/36)

I've never heard of this place before, but chanced upon it and decided to try it out using the Entertainer 2013 book.
Turns out, it was such a delicious lunch for ME :D

My bf had the chicken aglio olio.
The sauce was great.
However, this dish pales in comparison to my Pan Seared Red Snapper.
Pls get this dish! I'm salivating as I type
The sauce was amazing, and the fish was fresh.
It was heavenly!
 And of course, proof that we like our meals:

#2 4fingers @ Plaza Singapura

My bf has been eyeing this for long, but their long queues deterred me from eating it.
I just can't wait or I'll be famished.
Fortunately that day, the queue wasn't insanely long.
Plus, I wasn't the one who queued :P, so we got to try it!
 We had the chicken drumstick combo above + seafood salad.
Felt that a salad was needed, to complement as well as #eatmoreclean.
I'm not the kind who stomach everything fried, I need my veggies

Tbh, $9.95 for the seafood salad is EXPENSIVE.
Judge for yourself.
But I must say, the fried prawns was delicious :) and chewy
My bf upsized the fries - one with kimchi flavour, another seaweed.
But nope, didn't taste much difference.
 Here comes the main - drumsticks!
I read online that their chicken wings were good.
Okay, the drumsticks was decent
We love the skins - it was flavourful (especially the soy garlic; spicy was rather spicy).
But, we can't say much about the meat.
It was rather bland nor tender.
KFC does a better job in its chicken though.
Total damage $26.90.
Worth it? Just alright - my bf said, "okay, it's enough after 1 try, I was just trying out to see why so many people queue."
It could be quite sinful for those on a diet too haha!

#3 Le Chocolatier @ Robinsons Orchard 

We went to Robinsons Orchard which was newly open and it was huge!
Went window shopping there, and discussed with my bf what I'd like in my future home
*say say only la*
Then, we went down to the basement and saw...MACARONS!
Ok, I was the only one excited about it.
My bf relented and wanted to get me ONE.
But guess what, being greedy, and having no self-control, I gave in for A BOX after the girl told me 6 for $18 (UP: $3.50 each)
Gian png

End of the story - I REGRETTED LA!
Whut, this must be the worst macarons I've ever tasted
Only 1 out of 6 passed - the green pistachio one
So fail!
Buy at your own risk, ok?

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