Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

"Oldschool kopitiam for breakfast please."
This was what I told my boyfriend, as we ponder over our next dining location.
Love his spontaneity too, because he drove me here upon my request!

Not sure if you've read the viral blogpost about the must-go places for food before you die.
One of it was Chin Mee Chin for our local breakfast (think soft boiled eggs, kopi, kaya toast.)

When I was here, the queue was pretty long. But for 2 pax, we managed to find our seats within a while.
The layout of this shop was really old-school.
It brought back my childhood memories, where I used to drink milo and eat soft boiled eggs beside my grandparents and parents back in Tiong Bahru market (oh man, I can still rmb how it looks like before it was demolished for the new one).
The staff here were old as well, and there was one auntie who doesn't seem very patient when talking to customers.
I didn't receive her wrath, but another auntie did.

Enough talking, let my photos do the talk.
Btw, they're taken using my Note 2 - no editing done.

The custard puff and egg tart below was NOT DELICIOUS.
Disappointing as this was the first 2 pieces we ate.
Murmured to my bf and say "not nice leh".

Ordered 4 soft boiled eggs, and I overestimated myself - luckily I had a dustbin aka bf beside me.
Can only finish 1 plate.
Also had 2 coffees - which was really average.
Err....why was this highly rated?
 But, I am still impressed with their kaya toast buns.
I had expected bread, but they use buns here instead.
Tbh, the buns were average; but the real deals were the kaya and butter.
I saw people beside me halving the butter (maybe high cholestrol?); but I just gobbled them down.
 1 for him, and 1 for me.
Like not enough leh.
 I'm always very impressed with how kopitiams can make such good soft boiled eggs.
My mum can make them too, but she sometimes fail la. LOL.
The eggs done here were good man!
We just drank the whole thing from the plate....slurp!

If you're interested in this oldschool coffeeshop, here's the address:
(Found from Hungrygowhere)
Tue - Sun: 08:30 - 16:00
Closed: Mon

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