Hard Rock Cafe - Bad Service, Great Music

There, I summarized it in the heading.
Bad service.
But on one hand, great music - although I nearly went deaf sitting in front.

To start, it was pouring yesterday.
We had to brave the rain at 6 and walked all the way from Ion to Hard Rock.
When we reached, I told the staff I'd book a table for four.

Bad experience #1

Here's what she told me, "we've called you a lot of times, but you didn't pick up. Our seats are taken, we can only give you somewhere, alright?"
You know, I apologized for not picking up the call, because I was caught in the rain.
But guess what, when I check my phone - there was 0 missed call.
WTS, why did I apologize?
Either they called the wrong number (why would I say my number wrongly when I reserve? I repeated my number twice), or they didn't call at all.

The seat they gave us was near to the kitchen, and it was dark.
Fortunately, in the end, we requested for a change to at table in front - and the table was a little bigger - nice enough for 4 pax.
Okay, *calms myself down*

Bad experience #2

We were served by a young girl (probably our age).
Took out our Entertainer 1 for 1 voucher, which entitles us to 1 for 1 entrees.
It was then that the girl told us that we can't use 2 vouchers for a table.
Only 1 voucher for 1 table.
What? Why so inflexible?
We asked if it's possible for her to split our bills, so that we can use both vouchers, but she said "No, you guys are seated in the same table, same bill."
Okay, *getting pissed off*
We asked her to get her colleagues or manager to advise, but she said she's not the one who set the rules, everyone would say the same thing to us.
We then suggested if we should split tables and move back together again, "no" either.
Seriously, I was really grumpy at that point.
In the end we ordered 3 entrees for 4 to share.
Fair enough, it was enough for all.
But, I'd never have thought that we can't use 2 vouchers at the same time.
Didn't the voucher read, "You're entitled to 1 complimentary entrees, along with 1 guest"?
Mega mood-spoiler.

Plus, the young girl's attitude wasn't good when we changed table.
She looked grumpy as well (should we blame the rain?).

Food & Ambience

Food wise, it was decent.
I'm not keen on American or Western food; would much prefer Asian food.
But, the meal was okay.
I like how birthdays were celebrated over there, when customers and staff all sing along "Happy Birthday"
(but I wouldn't want it for myself, quite embarrasing :P)
 Pardon my blurry and overexposed photos - the place was dark, so I'd to do some editing on the photos.
Apparently I'm a photo editing noob.

Ordered 3 mains for 4 pax.
It was just enough.
I won't say that their food is of high standards, but it is at least average.
Decent for a chill nightout.

You may also stay on from 10pm onwards to listen to live music.
The band was rather impressive.

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