The Marmalade Pantry - Stables

Hot hot hot!
That's what I said when we went to the Stables on Saturday.
(Strangely, these few days were so cold -.-)

Anyway, had problems parking there since the parking spaces were small, but we managed to find a space to park.
This is my 2nd visit to the Stables.
The first visit was to Riders Cafe, and the recent one was to Marmalade Pantry!

I was pleased with my meal at Marmalade Pantry.
Btw, anyone interested in a wedding lunch there? Saw a wedding event that was to take place at 2.30pm - but we stayed there only till 1+
Bf said it was a good idea, but I told him, imagine your guests slapping their legs because of the mozzies

Ok, back to the Pantry.
There were cupcakes on display (I didn't get any), funny little boy beside our tables (singing Xmas songs to himself), and...not much people in the restaurants.

Come to think of it, Riders Cafe seemed really packed!

I had the mushroom risotto - yum yum, but the risotto was a little hard to chew.
The mushroom and cheese was flavourful :D

Boyfriend had the sweet potato fries with avocado wrap.
He thought the avocado slices made it too creamy and would prefer mashed avocado, but I love the big chunks of avocado.
The sweet potato fries were perfect too!

Ordered the berries smoothies.
I asked if these were made from fresh fruits, but it was actually from puree.
Well, never mind, it was quite a decent drink anyway.

I wouldn't mind heading there again, but 2013 is ending!
This means, my 1-1 voucher is expiring!
There's still so many places I've yet to explore :(

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