Skyve Wine Bistro and Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

It's the second last day of the year (30th Dec 2013).
My bf and I took leave that day.
It made me missed the carefree uni days, where my bf and I could roam around as and when we like!
GRAAHHHH, slowly disliking work.
Well, most of us do right? We work for the money, but somehow this is not the best mentality to have.
Oh well...

In order to utilise our Entertainer 2013 vouchers, we headed to Skyve for lunch and Alkaff for dinner.


Skyve isn't exactly accessible for me - thankfully my bf drives.
With our coupon, we were allowed to order 2 mains.
However, my bf decides that we should get a Main & a brunch set instead.
Okay lor, since you pay, I'll listen hehe.

I like what I had at Skyve.
Ordered the Skyving breakfast, with overeasy eggs and wholemeal bread.
 My bf had the lamb shank, which he thought was delish as well.
Not much for me, since I don't really appreciate lamb meat.

Thumbs up for their service as well - tbh there wasn't much people when we dine, since it's a working day.
Staff were prompt and polite.

Alkaff Mansion

Possibly one of the more atas place we went too.
If not for the 1 for 1 voucher, I may hesitate to come here.
These fine dining places doesn't really suit me.
I prefer hawker food anytime.

That said, the place was a great spot for photo-taking.
On the other hand, my bf forgot to bring his DSLR (wtf), anyway he sucks at taking portraits too (okay, maybe I'm not photogenic).
The photos are thus taken by my note 2, no editing done though.

Look! It looks like a great spot for wedding, but I doubt I'll fancy such layout.

Back to food, I had the Gnocchi with half canadian lobster.
Yes, I was attracted by the lobster - I imagined it to come with the lobster shell and all.....but, no
Initially I wanted to try the homemade ravioli in alba truffle cream sauce, but the lobster seems more enticing...
 Second option was the Red Drum.

You get it, the prices aren't cheap.
This is a fine dining place after all.

Here comes my gnocchi, now where's the lobster? :'(
My verdict of this dish is that, it's not worth the price.
I had better gnocchi elsewhere for a cheaper price.
The gnocchi here was a little too soft for my liking - it felt like baby food.
The lobster chunks were okay though.
I started to get sick of the dish after a few mouthful, sigh, what a waste of money.

The thing is, I'm always shy to complain about the food.
As long as there's no hair, insects or whatever, I'll just silently finish my meal.
The waiters came over a few times to ask if the food is okay, but hmm, I hope they can tell from our unfinished meals!
 The red drum was average too.
It was a really small portion.
The fish skin was crisp, but way too salty.

 I don't particularly enjoy my meal at Alkaff.
The food wasn't fabulous - definitely not worth the penny if not for the 1 for 1 voucher.

The staff were not extremely polite either - the moment they saw our voucher, one of the staff took it away and said he needs to check.
A while later, he mentioned "remember to show us the voucher when you pay."
Okay, I know, please don't treat us like we're some poor people who can't afford to dine here.

Sometimes I wonder if waiters at fine dining places discriminate Singaporeans vs foreigners too obviously.
I do notice that they treat foreigners (i.e Caucasians) much better because they'd bring them all the way to their table, speak more respectfully to them, hover around their tables to render more assistance.
It could be that I'm reading too much into it.
Well, just my two cents.

Generally, I'd prefer Skyve > Alkaff, as the former is more laidback and the food was much better.

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