A letter to the 29th year old me

Hi there, how have you been? I’m typing this letter in the office, after being inspired by a girl in the US. She was 12, but has passed away. She wrote a letter to herself, to be opened in 2023 – 10 years later. I'm just going to post this for the WWW to see.

5 years later, how are you doing? Are you married? Have you given birth to cute healthy babies? Have you gained weight? Are you even more stressed at work? I’m just 4 months into my job. It’s kinda tiring, of course, compared to schooling, but at least I haven’t OT much yet. Phew. I hope you won’t be too stressed up over work, that you overwork your body! Health is more important than wealth, get it?

Are you happy with your life right now? Have you looked back to the past and think, everything happens for a reason? I sure do now. I often lament to myself that I could have done better in my studies, be it PSLE, O levels, A levels and Uni. I could have gone on to better schools. Maybe you would have been earning big bucks with your stellar academics. But, in reality, you’re not doing too badly either. You manage to do averagely well, and go into the local U, enter a stable is still ok la.

I could have made more close friends. Friends come and go, but as I grow older, I’ve lesser friends. I’ve known this fact from young, and I’ve no one to blame. Maybe, I can blame myself, for not putting in effort to keep the friendships. Well...I hope you’re not regretting it as you read this! But well, everything happens for a reason.

Don’t fret too much. I hope you’re happy, and received lots of love from your loved ones. It is possible that you’re no longer in your first job. But that’s okay. You need to gain more exposure. I hope colleagues have been treating you well!

Have you own your own house? How is it repaying the housing debt? Hehe. Have you compromised with your partner on the housing location? Are you staying in the central west? If you’ve moved, you must have changed a job near to your home.

I really hope you’re happy, and healthy.
Be positive.
Good things will come your way if you stay positive.

Your 23-24 year old self.

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