2D1N Johor Bahru trip - City Square & KSL

Hi peeps, I just came back from my enjoyable KSL overnight stay.
It was great spending time with my bf, and eating and walking around the malls :)
These makes me happy.

1. City square

Headed to Arashi again for sukiyaki and shabu shabu
He had the herbal soup which taste pretty good.

Walked around doing much but window shopping.
I've yet to buy my CNY clothes, fml.
Most likely wearing "old" dresses, sian.
Blogshop dresses are getting more expensive, and most of the sizes don't really fit me.
Ma fan!

2. KSL Hotel

Checked into our room for our 1 night stay, yay!
The room was decent - I'll give it a 4 star?
Not sure why I had terrible expectations (have you been to Genting hotel?), most probably read them from blogs.
I was telling my bf that the hotel must be cui.
Turns out I was wrong, haha.
Quite cosy leh! The toilet is really clean as well :) + the king size bed was comfy.

a. Penang Laksa

One of the must try if you're at KSL.
The penang laksa had me drooling when I smelt it.
I'm salivating as I type - it was really delicious.
The soup taste like tom yam, and the noodles were transparent.
I am missing it now!
Had 2 bowls, one yesterday and one today!

 b. Tang Shi Fu

Bf decided to dine in this Chinese restaurant but I wasn't keen -.-
Anyway, both of us ordered mee sua.
Mine is the 十全大补 mee sua which consists of multiple herbs - don't ask me what hor, I don't know.
What I know is my mom cooks the soup every year, and her version is the BEST.
 His boring looking mee sua with 2 pathetic pieces of abalone (he generously offered me 1 :D) and my dear boy was praising the mee sua while he ate
"Very nice!"
*rolls eyes*
 This is a must order though - ginger beancurd.
Their beancurd is really soft and smooth.
It's less sweet than laoban douhua in Singapore - this wins laobao (anyway, this is overhyped just like bubbletea)

c. Hong Kong Eggette

This is another good to try in KSL - to me, it's just another waffle version, but okay, it was quite addictive to eat.
Just pop each round eggette into your mouth and you will want more!
I had the original.

d. Blackball

In China, I had Xian Yu Xian and I loved it.
In Singapore, we have the Blackball version and it's pretty good as well.
In fact, we're more familiar with Blackball than Xian Yu Xian (XYX in City Square has closed down).
So, we decided to get 1 bowl of the signature blackball.
In KSL, just eat la.

e. Bak Kut Teh

This morning, bf suggested to head opposite of KSL for this bak kut teh for our breakfast.
Luckily we didn't have to queue and got a seat almost immediately.
Had 1 portion to share.
Their soup was sweet, rather than spicy (my mom usually cooks the spicier version, but my tummy can't take it)
I think this is good to try as well

f. Frog leg Porridge

For lunch, we had the frog leg porridge.
Sounds gross I know, I was telling my bf "omg, so disgusting. I don't know why I'm eating frog meat."
See, we're so used to eating chicken meat, pork and beef, and we don't really bat an eye.
But frog meat, being a less usual meat on our dining tables, seems gross.
While I was chewing on the meat, I could imagine myself eating the GREEN SLIMY FROG'S LEGS, WTF.

 But okay la, quite nice leh :D

g. Manicure session

Took this photo just now as I was admiring my nails.
One of the main itinerary was to do my nails for CNY.
Not really cheap since they had CNY surcharge, and I guess it would be cheaper if I'd bought Groupon deals, but nvm la paid for it hehe
I didn't do gel nails although it's more popular among girls - I think my nails are pretty well-kept and I didn't wanna spend so much and go back to soak them off.
I opted for express mani and classic pedi.
Haix, waste my money on classic pedi. They were supposed to massage and remove the calluses but they didn't!
The lady was telling me my feet is very smooth and I don't need it.
Wah lao, then I might as well opt for express pedi too (I didn't want classic mani cause my nails are okay, I just need some colours on them).

Anyway, the end product as below.
Pls don't judge, I seldom do my nails and have no idea what colours to choose.
I just opted for HENG HENG colours like gold and red.
But since I'm doing my nails red, I chose glitter pink.
For express, the lady shaped my nails squarish - not a feat since my nails were rather squarish to start.

If I can paint my nails properly, I'd rather do it myself and save the money - but I can't :P

Freaking myself out with my nails because I didn't expect it to be so red!
The lady told me she won't cut my nails since there're pretty nice already.
The only thing she did was to buff and shape my nails (just slightly).
Now I've learnt my lesson - either go with dirty unkempt nails and do classic pedi, or opt for express haha!

That's all folks!

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