CNY family politics

How's your CNY celebrations?
Mine well pretty okay.
I particularly enjoyed Day 2 because I got to spend time with my boy.
I kept smiling and laughing when I saw him wearing the shirt I bought as he was walking to my place.
Lunch at home was awesome too - I love what my mom cooked yesterday!

Backtrack a bit, CNY day 1 was boring.
I never like meeting my paternal relatives, and I'm pretty sure they know I dislike them as well.
They are the people who ruin my childhood.
Thinking about them makes my blood boils.
They love comparing me with others, they love criticising and talking bad about me. They love it when I fail.
We were never close, and they only come to us when they need help.
I don't know why my dad is so helpful, seriously.
Fking annoying to have these kind of extended family.
I dislike my grandpa as well. I know I shouldn't be saying these because they're after all my family, but I cant help but dislike them.
My grandpa is one of a kind; he makes my dad really busy with his nonsense.
And, he is a bloody niao grandfather.
I hate it when every year without fail, he will tell us how much he packs inside our red packet.
Fk! Hate him more ever since my grandmother passed away; the family ties just became worse after her passing.
I was also mad angry when my parents withdraw $200 from their joint account (which I deposited monthly, ever since I started work) to give to him!
I don't want to give him any money! And, why are they withdrawing money from that account without asking me?!?!?
And they still told me, "nvm, it's just once in a year"
PUI! Once is enough, I don't wanna give him any money, he brings nothing but troubles to my dad.

I know people reading this would label me as unfilial.
Subconsciously, I feel it too, but I think I've my own reasons as to why I dislike them.
Enough about them.
Just wanted to rant.

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