10 things to do in JB: 2D1N Johor Bahru trip - City Square & KSL Part 2

Judging from the overwhelming number of views for my previous post, I know many are trawling the web looking for places to go in JB.
I'm not adventurous when it comes to Malaysia. I'm scared of the crimes we so often see in our papers, so I tend to just stick to places I deem safe.

So, on Saturday, we headed to Kranji to take the bus into Woodlands Checkpoint.
Man, the queue was so longgg and we waited around 20 mins to get our passports chopped!


1. Kinsahi - RM87

Since we were celebrating our anniversary, we weren't mindful about budget. So, we ate as we deem fit heh.
The service at Kinsahi was good, the food, only decent.

2. Movies- RM28

Watched Spiderman 2 and it was awesome. 

3. KSL Hotel

Headed to our hotel to put down our things. Had a comfortable stay there (cause its free, muhahaha)

4. D'Laska - RM 5

My must have when I'm here at KSL. 

5. Thai Mango Sticky Rice - RM 6

6. Maison durian puff - RM 2.80

7. Blackball - RM 6.90

Another must-have. We tried to be adventourous and ordered something else with pudding and green bean.
Terrible mistake. Always stick with Blackball's Signature.

8. Manicure at Nail Studio  

I don't recommend you here for your nails because the shop is packed and the staff.....are not exactly patient.
This particular manicurist is rushing everything and didn't do a good job.
But well, I'll let it pass.

 9. Dimsum - less than rm60?

The next day breakfast, we came here for dimsum and I love it!
It is empty when I took the photos because we were the first customers -.-. That's the good thing about staying upstairs at KSL hotel haha.
Shortly after, it was packed.


 This is the special rice wine xiaolongbao. Pls order this when you're there!
very average

Please do not buy this bowl of wanton. It sucks! 

City Square

10. Bornga - RM 80

Another must-eat place whenever I come to JB. It's slightly cheaper than eating korean bbq in Singapore!

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