Salut Coffeeshop @ 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1

For those living in the Central West, you might want to check out this coffeeshop which sells "atas" food at a... well not-very-cheap-but-affordable price.
French, Italian, German food are served here.

Bf ordered the Pork Knucle from Stew Kuche - to me, it was just too much meat.
On the other hand, it was well worth the price.
The meat was pretty juicy and the skin was crispy. 
I hate the sides though - achar (whut?) and that tasteless cabbage (wtf)

Ordered one of the most expensive fruit juice from a kopitiam though - beetroot apple orange juice was not one of the best I had (that's the $2 ABC at Amoy St) but costs like $6.80?!

 I had the duck confit ($15.90) from Immanuel French Kitchen.
Somehow I still find that the best I had was at Saveur.
However, this duck confit was pretty tasty too - crispy skin, juicy meat- except the portion is kinda small.

Overall, a good experience at Salut except that it was hot and cramped and....not very cheap 

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