Nakhon Kitchen - Affordable Thai Food

I'm here to share my find again.
This time, it is an affordable Thai restaurant that serves delicious food.
There are no GST and service charge! How awesome!

We came here on a rainy day for dinner and there was already a queue.
Thank god we were able to find seats easily for 2 people. I think we only waited around 10 15 mins which was bearable.

First up was the Tom Yum Clear  Seafood soup. I had people recommending the clear instead of milky one.
No idea why, but when people recommend it, just try!
The clear soup was damn hot and spicy. I couldn't stomach drinking it!
Even eating the fish in the soup was spicy for me (omg, I'm salivating as I type)

Next up is the minced pork with basil leaves. Not that spicy but it was really good to eat with rice!

Third up was the asparagus with wild mushroom. Love that the asparagus was cook just nice, not too stiff, not too soft. It was great eating it with rice as well.

Last up was the Thai Red Ruby, which helped to quench my thirst. The red ruby came in generous amount. The ice is not those Taiwanese shaved ice though, it is thick and crunchy, not those that melts into your mouth. I think I prefer the kind that melts in my mouth, oh well.

The above dishes costs us around $30 for 2 pax.
Not expensive, and I really enjoyed my meal.
As for the location, well, thankfully I had chauffeur hehe

Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3, #01-166 Singapore 460136

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