The Basil Inn - Downtown East

I'm not sure why I'm loving thai food so much now.
I can't eat much spicy food, but eating thai food makes me exclaim, "Shiok ah!"

We came to Downtown East and were wondering what we could dine for dinner.
It was between Just Acia or The Basil Inn.
Well, the latter won because we've walked all the way in and I was quite hungry.

We were deciding on whether to get a few dishes with rice, or to get 2 mains.
In the end, I was tempted by the minced pork with basil rice.
This was similar to what bf dapao-ed for his sister at Nakhon Kitchen

However, I can't say much for the taste.
While the minced pork was spicy, I felt that the rice was not as good as what I had in Nakhon.
The whole dish pales in comparison. It was decent, though not as good.

The phad thai was disappointing.
The noodles were dry and rather tasteless. 
It was very unimpressive.

Another downside was its ultra slow service.
I was waiting for our Lemongrass drink because the minced pork rice left my lips and tongue kinda numb, but nobody gave us our drink.
We enquired with a staff and she said it's coming soon.
After quite some wait, my bf just decided to walk to the counter and ask for our drinks.

Judging from the speed of service for the other tables, I was kinda relieved that we ordered 2 mains which came faster.
The other customers seemed pissed at their slow service.

All in all, I still prefer my thai food in Nakhon :)

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