Clearvision Epilasik Pre-screening

First thing first, I've been researching a lot thinkoutded serioabove averagehagoing to clearvision forassuringsure out dedicatry.
You know, it's a rather impromptu decision.
I don't find it a hassle to wear spectacles, but I find ireceive ro wear contacts, especially late into the night or for a long day. 
Contacts just made my eyes dry.
I wanted to do epi-lasik because I wanted to present a more professional image at work as well.
I find wearing spectacles make me look less confident, and slightly kiddish (I say one).
Of course the downside is, without specs, I really need concealer to cover those eyebags.

Also, think about the hassle bringing contact lens and solution overseas! 
I wore monthly contacts cause it was more affordable - I used to wear contacts nearly everyday when I was schooling and when I first started work. Then, I got lazy haha

Another reason why I wanted to do the surgery was because, the price would increase to $3,668 after July!
I do think that clearvision offers the most competitive price for epi-lasik.
I know, cheap may not be good, but I've googled and found positive comments about clearvision.
Don't think I've come across any bad reviews though, link me up if you do (but by then, it might be too late).

I'll be heading for the evaluation screening today (14 Jun). 
Not sure how it goes, but I'll blog about it once I got home.

Stay tuned.

updating this a day later using the blogger app.
seriously i type better on the keyboard.
anyway, good news, im cleared to do lasik!
my cornea thickness was above average and there are no problems with my eye health.
btw, bf was not being assuring. He said "aiya you think they will tell you ur eyes not ok to do surgery meh? They sure say ok la! Wanna earn $ what"
*roll eyes*

my surgery is on monday and im kinda scared.
im not sure how fast i will recover.
i cant live without handphone and internet for 5 days!
Day -1

okay, getting jittery now that the surgery is tomorrow morning.
i'm trying to plan what I can do after my surgery tomorrow.
I know I'll probably be sleeping like a log after my surgery ends at around 1pm?
but, what happens when I wake up?
Wah lao, cannot use phone, cannot use computer, cannot even read books.
I'm gonna be aimless for the next 5 days :(

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