Epilasik tips

My vision is gradually improving but still has not achieved perfect vision.
When I went back to work, I'd difficulties looking at my emails.
I can see it, but it's blur.
I made sure I take occasional breaks (when I'm not that busy) to the toilet or just to fill some water.
Even today (2 weeks later), I'm zooming in my webpages to see clearer.

Anyway, having been there done that, here are some tips I'd suggest for patients on epi-lasik.

  • Consume Vitamin C daily

We were given 6 tablets for Vit C to consume daily.
Unfortunately, my Vit C tablets expired, so I took in Vit C from fruits instead.
As I'm typing this, I'm eating my orange haha
According to the nurses, Vit C helps to speed up recovery of the eyes!

  • Drink and eat goji berry 

I've been drinking it nearly everyday. Put a handful of goji berry into your cup and pour hot water. Drink it after that.
Alternatively, add chrysanthemum and or lemon and brew it slightly! 
The high antioxidant content of goji berries is believed to benefit vision and I sure hope drinking this makes me recover even faster (although I'm getting a little impatient)

  • Bring eyedrops wherever you go
Put the eyedrops according to the timing instructed.
Unfortunately, there are a couple of times where I missed the timing to put on eyedrops.
One such incident happened when I was at the clinic (you may have read me complaining about the long waiting time here). I didn't bring my eye drops out because I thought I'd reached home by then!
I'm now down to 1 eyedrop called Pred Mild, after which, I'll have to switch to FML and put it 3 times a day.
Yeah, #FML for these troublesome drops, but I'd better put it on.

  • Wear 0 degree goggles when you bathe

Now, don't judge me. The doc has instructed NOT TO GET WATER INTO YOUR EYES.
I had to bathe ( because these few weeks has been bloody hot) and so, goggles are a saviour.
But please, check your goggles before you use it, because I accidentally used my brother's DEGREED goggles to bathe.
WTF! No wonder things looked so much clearer when I wore it, I thought it had something to do with the tint on the goggles.

I've been wearing goggles while bathing for the past 2 weeks.
Will probably continue until I meet the doc next time.
I had another mishap recently where a big blop of hot fish bee hoon soup splashed into my right eye.
Fk! Nothing happened though, at least I hope....

  • Sleep with sleeping mask or your prescribed sunglasses at night
Do this for the first 5 days. The doc and nurses has repeatedly emphasised not to rub your eyes as they're still healing.
I'm pretty sure I did not rub them at night.
Wear a sleeping mask (but make sure it rest gently on your eyes) or sunglasses. I wore my sunglasses to sleep although it was irritating, but it's worth it.

  • Wear your UV sunglasses even at home

Okay, this applies to me because my flat always have strong sunlight shining in, in the morning and afternoon.
During the first week, I stayed mostly in my bedroom with my curtains closed and sunglasses on.
My eyes were not very sensitive to light, but I just protected them in case.
I also wore them out to town...yeah people were totally judging me and probably thought I was crazy or blind.
I don't wear them as frequently now, but I do wear it when I go for lunch under the brutal hot sunlight.

If you have more tips to share, feel free to let me know!

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