River Safari

 Had the corporate pass to River Safari, so we brought my parents along.
The last time I stepped into Mandai was......when I was in Primary School?

By the way, I'm not a fan of animals.
Never was.
River Safari was pretty boring for me, but at least it's free lol

 Simi hybrid monster is this?

 I'm scared of monkeys. Kept hiding behind my bf in case they scratch me lol

Highlight of the RS: Pandas

 But my favourite of all was this:

 It kept parading around, very haolian.

 Oi Fatty.

 This is Jiajia

 Another "highlight", for photo-taking sake. Sigh, Singaporeans.

 Let me eat you up bit by bit

Exited this place within 2 hours.
Go if you love animals. For me, one visit is enough.

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