Clearvision Epilasik Post Surgery

Day 0

It's the day of the surgery!
I couldn't sleep last night because I was worried and there's a bloody irritating mosquito buzzing around.
I had so many mosquitoes bites and was really irritated - kept waking up and move my blanket.

Another thing. Yesterday night, my left eyes felt swollen. It's as if like something bite me.
Went to my brother and asked him to verify and he said, "omg, really swollen leh"
I got jittery - what if I can't do the surgery tomorrow?! WTH
Why must I have such problems zzzzz
So I went to apply cold ice onto my eyes, the swell has subsided, although I still feel that the left eye has a bit of swelling.
Keeping my fingers crossed later.

For those who're going for lasik surgery, I suggest bathing before your appointment, so once you get back home, the bed is where you'll head to.
I'm gonna bathe later and wait for my bf to fetch me to the clinic.
Wish me luck.
I'll probably blog only when I'm feeling better haha.

You may wish to look at the picture below on why I chose epi-lasik instead!

Day 1

Alight, I'm back to blog.
The surgery went well (I guess) yesterday and I'm well enough to look at handphone and computer screens.
I didn't experience any light sensitivity. I'm really ok looking at my phone even after yesterday's surgery.
To recap, we reached the clinic at 1030am yesterday, although they said to reach at 1130am.
I thought I would get it done fast since bf had to leave for work/meeting and he only took half day.
I was really disappointed that I waited till 1.10pm before I had the surgery.
The bulk of the time was spent WAITING for other patients to come before the mass brief on medication.
Seriously, I was kinda running out of patience because...I came early and I still can't do the surgery?
I was really worried that bf had to leave fast and I had no one to take care of me after the surgery. Was also worried he'd miss his meeting.
Thankfully, he took another day of leave. Big hugs to you <3
Anyway, turns out the delayed was because Dr Ho had some emergency. Sigh, can't do anything except to wait.

At around 1pm, I was asked to get ready and wore the surgical gown and stuffs.
Had to take out my specs, which btw was the last time I ever had to wear it.
I patiently waited for 10 mins (yes, I looked at my watch to make sure) and could hear the lasers in the room going really strong.
Strangely, I wasn't very worried.
I feel safe and relieved?
It was only when they asked me to step into the surgical room, did my heart skipped a little.
I felt like an alien into this alien surgical room lol
Everything was a blur (duh, I was without specs) and I had to lie down on the surgical bed.
So...Dr Ho was rather assuring. He'll keep complimenting you that you're doing great, so don't worry.
I didn't worry cause I trusted him.
Just that the surgical process was rather strange haha. Sure my eyes were numb, but I could feel this thing that was used to open my eyes wide...on my left eye!
Damn uncomfortable la! During the surgery, I could see the Dr putting on the suction ring onto my eyeball and then I had to look at the red dot on the laser.
Could smell chao tar/burning smell haha
It was a rather fast process, but I know I had really dry eyes and couldn't stop blinking during the process zzzzzz
Anyway, zoom zoom, I was asked to sit up on the bed and stood up, before the Dr took a photo with me.
Trust me, you'd be still in a daze and goes.."Huh? So fast take photo ah" lol
So I forced a smile and out I went.
Everything was still blur...even now as I'm typing this.
I can only see like 70 percent?
I'd thought that I would see damn clearly once I sat up from the surgery.

I kept asking the staff if it's normal...that I still can't see properly.
They assured it is.
Side topic...I don't know if I should trust them because..wah lao eh, all of them like never do lasik before one la! They either wear specs or contact lenses *roll eyes*
Even Dr is wearing specs lol
Oh well, I'm already out of the surgery, so, let me be the living testimonial to epi-lasik! LOL

After the surgery, I was whisked to this room where they applied eye drops (4 kinds) every 10 mins.
After that, you're free to leave.
Oh, did I say I was the first one to do the surgery? Cause I reached the earliest. So I was the first to leave.
By the 2nd eye drop, my eyes felt damnnn heavy and I was really sleepy.
I was closing my eyes in bf's car and when I reached home, I just lie down to rest.
Strangely, I didn't sleep like a log leh.
I was still very much awake (esp my brain) but my eyes just needed to close.
Even now, I don't think I sleep a lottttt.
My eyes kept tearing after the surgery though, occasionally feeling a stinging and uncomfortable feel.
No pain at all. Trust me. Just...discomfort.

Well, I'm going for my consultation tomorrow.
I thought I'd wake up today with perfect's still a blur.
Not sure how long it'd take for me to get 6/6.

Will update more next time.
Till then!

Day 2

Hi, it's Day 2 (Day 0 being surgery day) now.
Just came back from the consultation with Dr Ho.
It was really a pain waiting at the clinic. I arrived at 10.45am for the 11am appointment but only saw the Dr at 1.20pm. WTH
And I entered and left the Dr's room within 2-3 mins FML.
Dr said my eyes are clean, so that's good news.

However, I still can't see clearly yet.
I'm now typing this with gigantic font size now.
I don't feel any improvement in vision since Day 0.
I'm still diligently dripping eye drops and kept praying that my vision would be perfect the next day.

I'm going back on Sat to remove my bandage lens.
Not sure if vision would improve, keeping my fingers crossed

Day 3

Vision still blur, although I'm able to use the computer and see slightly with bigger fonts and zoom-in.
Tried to cover my left and right eyes and my right eye can't see as clearly as my left.
Previously, my degree was around 500+ on the left eye and 600+ on the right.
Astig around 100 deg.

Please let my vision recover ASAP! How am I going back to work on Monday like this T.T

1 month 2 weeks

Finished using FML and have not been putting any drops except eye drops.
Vision is great, but not perfect.
I'm quite impatient and seeks perfection. If I paid so much to get clearvision, I expect it to be perfect.
It's not.
Previously, my right eye could see extremely clear but not my left eye.
Now, my right eye's vision has worsen a little. Not sure if it's because I rubbed my right eye and woke up saying "Shit" and went back to sleep :P

Anyway, I visited the doctor again. Sigh, it is always like this.
An hour wait before I get to see the doctor and I came out within 5 minutes -.-
But Dr Ho was very nice though.
He said that my vision is now 0.00, I guess it means perfect vision.
He also mentioned that my vision will still fluctuate now and then as my eyes are still healing.
I'll trust what he says and hopefully, get perfectly clear vision for both eyes :)


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  1. Hi cherry, it's been almost 1.5 years now since ur epilasik, how's ur vision now?
    Really worried cos I'm due for my op soon as well heh