A date with him and family

Out for the majority of the time today.
Finally got the chance to rest, but am busy refreshing the tweets regarding the by-election at Punggol East,
Guess WP won?
According to their "confirmed" sources.
Yeah, my dad along with millions of kopitiam uncles and aunties rejoice.

Anyway, food pictures first.
I'm so sorry and disappointed at the lousy photos taken by Note 2.
Seriously, give me HTC camera anytime.
Their phones take clear photos, with beautiful colors that need little editing.
Editing the photos by Note 2 makes them look like craps.

Food from RamenPlay at 313.
Below decent.
Yes, I'm a fussy eater.
Have to compliment the salad though, although it's a little too sour and sweet

Lo Hei session.
Never too early.
Invited my bf along - my mum asked.
Glad to have another companion with me :)

Either I can't take proper photos using the Note 2, or the camera just doesn't take nice photos.
Disappointing for a high-end phone like this.
And, the battery life is soooo short (well, cause the phone is big and consumes more).

Received a mix of good news and bad news this week.
Good news being I won some vouchers, while the bad...sigh.

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