Canele Weekday Set Lunch

I'm back at Canele again!
Had the weekday set lunch that costs $15++
Pretty worth if you asked me.
Take a look at our food :)
The couple phones, not. Note 2 on the left, S3 on the right.

hmm, fine tea anyone?

Chicken Caesar Wrap

 Let me tell ya, the FRIES WERE AWESOME.
Absolutely love it.
It was a good choice exchanging salad for fries ;)
Sadly, I didn't really like the chicken wrap.
The wrap was so-so; chicken was cold (I thought it was hot, my fault)
And the sauces in it was not really nice.
French Eggs Benedict

Bf ordered this. 
Salad imo was done pretty well.
But the eggs benedicts were average.
The ham and muffins weren't very nice either. 

THE COOKIES AND CREAM MACARONS ARE DA BOMB! <3<3 The coffee one(on the left) was not bad.


Lastly, our cake of the day- the Opera cake, aka Coffee
I dislike this!
Having tried the triple chocolate cake previously, I had high hopes for their cakes
But the Opera cake turned out blehhhh, it tasted weird on my taste buds

All in all, the meal was decent enough for the price I paid.
Given that there was a main meal, a cake/macarons, and a drink, it was affordable.
Don't mind trying other variations next time :)

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