Singtel, I'm disappointed with you

I've jumped the bandwagon to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
Because the HTC phone I want is not available.
I was a prior HTC user and it served me rather well.
Furthermore, it was a cheaper option.
But Singtel does not have HTC One X+ that I want!

How can such a big telecom not sell it?
So upset about it.
HTC One X+ comes with Beats Earphones too :(

Plus, Singtel now charges an additional $50 on phones for those on corporate plan
Whut? Why do they kick this in NOW, when it was fine in the past?
And, why are you robbing us the luxury of a corporate plan?

Singtel is really getting from bad to worst.
I've to pay an extra $35 for the change to  micro SIM.
Hello? Like this is what I want?
I'm fine with my 3g?
And they took away 10gb of our data plan, but we have to pay the same amount.
Fair? NO.

It's been a few days since I started using Note 2.
Not bad, although I kept complaining about its camera quality.
I prefer's HTC's!
Anyway, am slowly loving the big screen my phone offers.
It's really good for playing games :D
BUT! It's easier for people to check out what you're doing, boohoo!
I bought the white one, but am kinda regretting.
Does Titanium Grey looks better?

Somehow, we love things we don't have -.-

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