Review: Canele

Nothing beats sitting in a restaurant of cafe, chilling and chatting.

Was at Plaza Sing, and decided to head to the extension side for a walk.
Impromptu tea break at Canele.
Awesome dining location.
I highly recommend this place.

No classic iced chocolate, so we settled for: chestnut latte

chestnut latte: sweet


looks like a good deal!

this is taken by a dslr. 
If I've more time and the money, I'd like to relax and chill in different cafes, enjoying my drink and meals.
Sometimes Singapore gets so boring, you dont know what to do.
Canele is a good solution for you.
Rather price-friendly too.
And the triple choc cheesecake, was heavenly, and its best shared with someone (unless you really really love cakes)
I can't gobble the whole cake down cause it gets over empowering on your tastebud.
Eat things in moderation :)
Till then.

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