A guide on gifts for boy(-)friends

Christmas is around the corner, so so is new year, your monthsary, anniversary, bf/guyfriend's birthday blah blah.
I figure now's a good time to talk about what to give them!
This list is non-exhaustive, neither does this apply to ALL guys.
Just giving some inspiration, in case you don't know what to give!
Of course, set a budget for yourself, so you'd know what to source first!

PS: This is not a sponsored post!

  • Tees
I think this is a really practical gift, but only if you know what kind of style he likes! (Plus know his size la)
For example, what kind of designs does he like on his tee? I can't guarantee I can choose a design that my bf likes. Sometimes his choice of design amazes me (childish!), but hey, if he likes it, so be it! In fact, childish designs may look cute on him XD
My bf bought a lot of tees from bkk, and I really think the designs are good - so are the qualities.
If you're looking for tees in Singapore, I suggest heading to Praise at Bugis Junction. 
  • Watches
Find out what kind of watches he likes - digital? analog? square-shaped? round-based?
Why not buy a design that he does not have, yet you know it'll suit him?
I used to like guys who wears stainless steel analog watches. Now, leather straps works better for me.
I think nice watches adds masculinity to men hahahah
Here are some designs that I think look nice (on my bf :P)
You may want to head over to to take a look, insert your budget and let them work out what is good.
I hate men who wears slippers (warning to bf). I mean there's so many different kinds of shoes, why must you wear that? Other shoes are comfortable too, like the loafers! Its easy to slip in and slip out of it, just like slippers. So, no excuse ah! I won't mind my bf wearing slippers, if he chose a more decent pair (not an ahpek looking Aldo shoe LOL)
We walked around BKK looking for men loafers but they quote ridiculous prices - 1000baht++; that's like $40++
I'd rather he buy it in Singapore! At least you can hunt the seller down and tell them if your shoes spoilt!
Here're some loafers choices from

Suede Mocassin Loafers with Tie 55.30 SGD

Sneakers, slip ons are cool too

wakai slip on shoes: $30++

  • Bags
Another functional item that they'll appreciate! 
If you bf/guy friend is studying, buy a backpack! I'd love to get a backpack for my bf, but I think a working bag is a better choice for him.
For backpacks, I suggest Herschel Little America Mid-Volume
It's roomy and fully-padded to protect items and gadgets.
159.00 SGD
Consider getting a laptop bag for him too.
The Anderson Macbook pro 15 looks good don't you think so?
Its flexible, durable, shock absorbing, and recyclable

Anderson Macbook pro 15 89.00 SGD

 Another alternative would be the messenger bag.
I've found this Converse messenger bag, selling for less than $50.
I LOVE RED. LOL, not sure about other men 

Converse Basic Heritage Messenger Bag 49.90 SGD

If you don't feel like splurging, why not DIY your gifts?
You can make a card with hama beads, or bake a cake, or write a letter.
I'm sure he'll appreciate it :)
After all, every occasions should be joyous.
Have fun buying, making and unleash your creativity!

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