Review: Pepper Lunch & 1 year supply of AMO

The first time I had Pepper Lunch was at Bugis Junction food court.
That was like donkey years ago -.-
The stall is not longer there btw.
I remembered being fascinated by it, because you could "cook" the rice by yourself!
If I'm not wrong, whenever my mum brought us to Bugis for shopping, we'd head for Pepper Lunch.
My bro and I loved it, especially when cheese is added.

Utilized the student meal package at Pepper Lunch - the sets we ordered were $6.50 nett.
Quite affordable IMO.
The branch I went to was at White Sands.

Ordered the Salmon pepper rice and curry beef with cheese.
I always order the beef pepper rice at Bugis, and I really like it.
Decided for a change(salmon) today, and I'm pleasant with what I chose :)

Okay, too bad somebody didn't enjoy his curry beef with cheese pepper rice, and kept taking my salmon pepper rice LOL

The student meal also comes with free drinks.
I chose the hot green tea above, and it was reallly tasteless.
I suggest ordering other soft drinks -.-

Anyway, positive things aside, pepper lunch always make me feel thirsty and heaty after the meal.
I guess there's a lot of MSG in it? (which is why it taste so good?)
And I always feel a tinge of sore throat, but so far I'm okay today la.

Also, the bad thing was the queuing and waiting time for the food.
Grrr, I think we've queued for more than 15 minutes to get our orders, and 5-10 minutes for our food to arrive.
It was really bad, plus I was really hungry T,T
Hope they improve next time - please don't make your customers hungry and angry!
Is lady luck on me?
I really hope this luck continues forever!

Recently won myself a one year supply of AMO Complete Solution held in conjunction with OMY.SG.
Thanks for the opportunity :)
If you would like to see what I've blog, click here!
So many bottles! Jealous? :D

I don't pray for luxuries, but I pray for luck, love, health and happiness.

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