Review: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Novena

Most of the times, I dread thinking of what to eat for lunch or dinner outside.
Sometimes I don't really wanna spend too much $ on food.
Walked around Novena and couldn't decide on what to eat.
I've ate korean food at Square 2 a couple of times, but I don't fancy it.
In the end, we settled for Xin Wang Cafe!
Affordable food I must say.

Every time I eat at Xin Wang, I'd order the Yuan Yang tea without fail!
Yuan yang is a mix of milk tea and coffee.
Absolutely adore it!
Must try drink when you're there :)

I usually order the Chicken curry at Xin Wang, but I reckon I should be trying other dishes.
Ended up choosing the below, since there was a THUMBS UP!
Can you tell what it is? 
It's actually creamy spaghetti with mushroom + chicken meat.
Well, I was quite disappointed with this dish, because the spag was just tooo creamy.
It makes it difficult to finish the whole portion, because after 3 mouths, you'll just gross out from the creamy taste.
The first taste was good la, but subsequently, I can't eat it anymore.
And yeah, I dumped it aside, while my boyfriend pig out the food
HAHA, but he thinks its way too creamy too.

Guess I need to explore more dishes when I go there the next time!

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