The Bangkok Shopping Post

As a first timer in BKK, I can only offer some advises on shopping.
Firstly, book your hotel at the pratunam area (I booked glow)
You may choose Novotel (which is above the famous platinum mall), Grand Diamond etc

Scenery photos from my hotel:

Anyway, I prefer shopping at platinum mall.

Prices range between 100-350 baht? ($4-$14)
I think the most expensive item I bought was 350 baht, and that was my first day purchase.
Generally clothes are cheaper if you buy it in wholesale prices - 2 or more
I recommend shopping at platinum, rather than the markets because

  1. there's aircon
  2. its easy to shop around - the markets are really messy, and if you're a direction noob like me, chances are you'll get lost around and around!
  3. their designs are more exclusive. you get what you pay at the markets - they sell cheap shirts at 100baht, but its everywhere. whereas for platinum mall, the clothes are more special. i seldom see repeated clothes there. you won't wanna wear something that's so common right? i'm sure bugis village sells those too!
  4. i like the food court :
  5. there's also a platinum mall 2, which is beside platinum one. you've to get out and enter the new building. it's not connected. this mall mainly sells bags and shoes.
  6. I also suggest buying what you saw at platinum, because it'd be a hassle going back to the stall again to buy that piece. chances are, you won't see the exact design/print
  7. guys clothes are good to buy here; my bf bought a lot of tees (which are so much cheaper here) and shirts. they are of good quality!
Warning, some sellers are nice while some are not.
Take note when buying from roadside stalls.
These people are either too irritated by the heat, or have a foul-temper to begin with.
Don't touch their things if you don't wanna buy.
And even while you're checking for more designs to buy, they will give you this "can you hurry up" face.
I can only say their service standard sucks, but, I can't expect more for cheap clothes.

I've encountered a sucker who sold bags for 190baht (yes, its cheap, but his attitude sucks!), and because I was as-he-claimed looking for bags in his stall for sooooo long, he got fed up with me.
The first day, I bought a bag from him.
I asked nicely, "is it cheaper if I buy two bags?" 
He shouted with a "NO, wholesale price".
I was already sian from his tone, but what to do? 
When I paid he just snatch the money from me, and gave me a bloody stupid face/attitude. 
I was guessing whether he hates my face or that I'm a foreigner.
Wanted to get more bags for my mum, since the designs were rather not bad, so I headed there the next day
I was prepared for his angst but I wasn't prepared for his vulgarities! 
Damn him! When I walked to his stall, and saw him, he gave me a super irritated look.
Eh hello I'm giving you business and you're giving me that sucky attitude?
I looked around for designs, and decided on a blue and red bag.
When I was checking for faults, he grabbed the blue bag and asked me to GET LOST.
WTF?! He blabbered and shouted in broken English that I loitered so long yesterday at his stall (kns), and he don't want to sell anything to me.
In the end, he topped it off with FUCK YOU.
seriously, is bangkok a land of smiles?
just my luck man.
I wish I could take a photo of his idiotic face and warn everyone about him.
Just remember to beware if you see a dark man at the pratunam area, selling bags on the roadside for 190 baht.
I wish you luck.

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