Review:Crazy Christmas 2012

My exams are FINALLY over, and I can now blog about the events I've attended.

I find it amazing that it's December already.
I guess I was too preoccupied with "studying" erhem, that I totally did not pay attention to what month it was.
After all, it seems like I'm living days by days - not much forward outlook :(

Back to topic, December is the month of celebration!
Yes! Christmas is coming, and soon we'll be celebrating a new year and chinese new year.....
and we'll all be one year older.

Headed to watch the Crazy Christmas 2012 show because I had complimentary tickets!
Proudly sponsored by PearlieWhite.

isn't esplanade theater beautiful? didn't know i cant take photos inside oops. i'm sorry!
 And mind you, mine was the VIP seating (as I like to call it), because we're seated in the middle front row.
The bad thing was, it 0was awkward making eye contacts with the artistes on the stage ( I gave back awkward smiles hehe).
Here's the artistes that performed:

Starring Selena Tan, Adrian Pang, George Chan, Robin Goh, Karen Tan, Judee Tan, Michaela Therese, Vocaluptuous, Hossan Leong and Kumar!
Okay, so Kumar wasn't there, because our show was on 2 December, and it's the "clean version".
Kumar will be starring on the 4th for a "dirty" version of the show, I guess it meant there's a lot of sexual and crude connotations, but should be damn funny la.

Crazy Christmas is an annual MUST-SEE! 
Catch this year's star studded cast with a great big band and a bevy of 
dancing gals we like to call the Merry Miss-el’toes. Crazy Christmas gets bigger, better and brighter every year as Singapore's finest entertainers together with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and good ole’ Charlie Chaplin bring you song, dance, laughter and love.
This year, we celebrate movie magic as the Silver Screen meets Silver
Bells! Catch the family friendly version with Hossan Leong from 28 Nov – 2 December, or the naughty R18 version with Kumar from 4 December – 9 December!
By the way, I enjoyed some of the jokes made because they really relate it to current Singapore news.
There're some I don't understand la, but never mind, at least I was entertained!

If you are looking for something to spice up your Decemeber, head to Esplanade theater for the show now!
It ends on 9 December :)

Prices are from:
S$117, S$97, S$77, S$57, S$37 

And after the show, you can walk around and enjoy the beautiful night scene of Singapore (for free leh XD)

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