Win a Yomeishu Megumi Hamper

Just came back from Bangkok, and I'm really tired :(
Will be updating about the bkk trip.

Anyway, came home and I was greeted by a hamper.
I've recently won a drinks hamper by Yomeishu, promoting its latest drink called the Megumi (a liqueur made with 13 oriental herbs for everyday relaxation)

The contest was really simple.
There are 20 winners each week, so its REALLY EASY TO WIN.
Just answer a simple question here
The hamper consists of various drinks, and 1 megumi bottle.
I'm lucky to have won this from Week 1 contest :)

Just drank a little of this, and its rather mild.
Sad thing is, there is no direction on how much to pour or consume.
I only drank a bit, in case its too strong for me.
Remember this is an alcoholic drink!
And its touted to be good for blood circulation.
Hope I'll see health improvements if I drink it every day!
Am sharing it with my mum!

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