The Bangkok Food Post

Before I start off, I don't really fancy BKK.
Take this from someone who has been there, done that.
It's just a mix of different things that make me dislike the place.

  1. the air
  2. the heat
  3. one f. retarded bag seller (who said "FUCK YOU" to me. seriously, you're a b*stard)
that said, I don't exactly hate my trip.
It's also a mix of different fun things like
  1. first overseas trip with bf
  2. glow hotel + good bed + good location + good service
  3. a really awesome tom yum goong
Shopping for me is rather mehhh
I think I shopped better when I was in Seoul
But then again, everything is rather cheap - less than $15 for my clothes
Well, the most expensive shirt I got was for 350 baht, and I did not bargain
I can't bargain to be exact; so whatever they quote, I'll just pay.
Lousy right haha

Took tiger airways and jetstar back.
I think our timings were brilliant - flew to bkk in the morning and came back to singapore past midnight;
which means a rather proper 3.5 days of "travelling"/shopping.
I have to confess I'm NOT a shopaholic - I'll only buy things I like
Although I've a couple of impulses buys like cropped tees, most are chiffon blouses which I want.
Sadly, when I tried all my loots at home, my brother disapproves of all
Guess I need to gain more weight, so I can look better in those sleeveless blouses.

Took the train to Glow pratunam hotel:
20 baht for a one-way token

destination reached!

haha, beware of the lack of privacy!

Headed to Platinum Mall food court for lunch
Phad Thai

Don't like the coconut sauce on the sticky rice

Kiwi Kiss

Choc Banana crepe at the roadstall for 60 baht. Hi, we think we got conned. Plantinum mall food court sells it cheaper!

Mac breakfast below our hotel

Dislike - thought the waffles would be nice, but NO

Bird Nest with ginger and ginko 
This is nice, but I forgot what this was. Something like beef noodles?

mango salad


Ordered this again on the second day, but too much of this makes me uncomfortable

Likes! Green tea frappe with icecream

Around a dollar sgd, but its mini

Chicken rice

Wanton mee stall! They can speak proper Chinese and English

the portion was really small, but good enough for me. I prefer the dry version!

Headed to A&W because I wanted it.

but, WTH, A&W SUCKS! Or maybe I ordered the wrong stuffs

This stall is beside the Wanton Mee stall

THE BEST TOM YUM GOONG I EVER HAD! It was so refreshing!

the omelette was tooooooo oily

Soup version of the wanton mee for brunch

Since we're in bkk, why not try the pork samurai?

but nah, I don't like it. tyvm

back to the airport

my last phad thai. but it wasn't as nice as what I had in platinum mall

tom yum fusilli 
I didn't take much photos of my loots, because there wasn't much to buy anyway.
Don't think I'll be going back in the near future.
Although the clothes are rather cheap, I don't really fancy a lot of the designs.
Shoe sizes were limited too, cause I'm a small 35.
It was a tiring trip, with hours of walking around pratunam.
My hips kept aching -.-
Really funny that we did not venture out of pratunam HAHAHA
It's only pratunam markets and platinum shopping
I'm a lousy traveller.

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