Review: Taiwan's most popular fried chicken! 好大哦

Hot-Star large fried chicken has arrived! (okay, long ago)
But, its only recently that I got to try it, I'm slowwww
If you've been to Taipei's Shilin Night market, you've known that Hao Da Da has a long queue....
I remembered when I was there in 2011, I queued for this piece of chicken in the COLD WINTER.
TBH, I thought it tasted so so lor.

Went to the one at Ion Orchard.

 Super big!
Back then in Taipei, I shared the chicken fillet with my bro.
In Singapore, I shared it with my bf.
I think its just too big for myself to finish.
Anyway, I have to say that the chicken fillet was just normal.
Sure it's huge, sure the meat was not bad, but the real taste comes from the seasoning!
In fact the crispy skin didn't taste nice when I ate the part without seasoning!
The bits of bones also made it hard to messy to eat too.
Try it if you havent, but remember to drink lots of water after that :)

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