Review: Prata and Ci Gusta!

Headed for the Commonwealth Prata again.
Blogged about it in the previous post
Love the curry there - spicy and delicious.
But bad for my stomach -.-
Anyway, an egg prata is a must order there!
Costs $1.50 (expensive a not?)
hehe, ate a mouth before taking a photo. i'm so sorry.

Ordered the teh tarik too :) which was not bad.

the curry that is the bomb!

meh, this mee goreng wasn't nice (N)
If you're looking for a non-crowded prata place, you know where to go!
Al Falah Food Corner in Block 75, Commonwealth Drive
After prata, we headed to IKEA.
Wanted to buy a mattress protector, but I can't decide on my own.
I don't usually buy furniture without my parents in tow.
(because they'll tell me which is good, or bad; and of course pay for it :X)

Saw the hungrygowhere reviews about an ice cream store in Anchorpoint, which was opposite IKEA Alexandra.
ci gusta! stands for “We Like It!” in Italian and is synonymous with authentic Italian artisan desserts made with premium ingredients. This dessert franchise from Italy offers more than 10 flavours of gelato that are highly customisable with toppings and fresh fruits.
Apparently it's a franchise store from Italy.
Looked at the flavours they've to offer below!

Seriously, I wished I'd brought my compact camera everywhere I go.
But I'm just too lazy.
All the photos in this post are taken by my HTC camera.
Some shots look decent, but some are not - LIKE THE ONE BELOW :(
Wanted to capture what I ordered -.- but what's with the lines GAHHH
I love the Chocolate Brownie Fudge, but the peach mango was just so-so.
$3.90 for 2 flavours. 
I guess this is kinda worth, given that they gave us quite a generous amount.
There wasn't much people in the outlet when we were there, at around 8+pm.

I'm not exactly fascinated by the flavours they offer.
Me thinks that some flavours (like the salted caramel, berries sorbet) didn't taste well on my tastebuds.
I still prefer my icecream at Tom's Palette.

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