Review: Late night Prata for the Westerners

Hello guys, have you ever wanted to find a 24 hours place to have your prata fix?
That's what happened to me yesterday when I didn't had a filling dinner ;(
I wanted roti prata so badly!
But it was already 10+ pm
Bf suggested to go Jalan Kayu but I've went before, and it's so far from my home
Plus, I think the roti pratas there are a bit overrated and too many people head there.

I'm here to introduce a 24 hours prata shop that you can go to!
This is specially for the Westerners, well, I don't mean Caucasian, but those living in the West :P
Anyway, this shop is at
Al Falah Food Corner in Block 75, Commonwealth Drive
They don't only sell roti prata, but other Indian cuisines you can think of, like briyani, mee goreng blah blah
But I only tried the roti prata and I can assure it is good!
If you've seen my other posts, I don't always say food are good ( cause I'm a really picky eater ).
The thing that draws me to this stall is its curry
It's rich, flavorful and spicy!
I always think a curry makes or break roti prata.

Reached there by car, but I guess the Commonwealth MRT is pretty nearby too
If you need a late night prata comfort, head here :)
It's just behind Faith Methodist Church

It costs $1.50 for the egg prata
Hmm, I remembered having $0.50-0.80 egg prata when I was young lor.
Nowadays, everything inflates in price -.-
But well, it was worth the money!
Even my bf thinks so.


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