Review: Exchange Hair Salon, Plaza Singapura - Streetdeal coupon

In my previous post, I blogged about purchasing a hair dye deal from
It was the deal below:

$25 for Hair Coloring or Technical Highlights + Shiseido Water Spa Treatment + Wash + Blow (worth $230) at Exchange Hair Plus, Plaza Singapura

went to dye it and am back for a review.
I was apprehensive after I saw people blogging about its hard-selling.
I was so prepared to say NONONONONO.
Turns out, there wasn't any.
Perhaps it was due to my good luck?
Anyway, booked the 1130am appointment and had my dye till 1.45pm.
More than 2 hours!
That's because my hair is thick and long.
FYI, I purposely chose a coupon that does not have restriction on hair length! :)

When I entered the salon I was a bit scared.
I was the first customer, and all the staff were wearing black plus doing their own hair.
Waited for around 3 minutes before they attended to me.
I thought they'd make me wait for a long time since I wasnt a full paying customer.

The Good:
My stylist is a really polite man.
Asked him for an advise on which color suits me and he chose a few.
I think I decided on a cooper brown one.
The stylist keep checking on my hair, whether the dye was deeply absorbed.
So I had to wait for quite a long time before the dye was done.
Anyway, there was no hardselling.
I was praying he don't push me to the hair-scalp machine, because I'm not interested!
Luckily he didn't.
The only thing he asked me to purchase was a $199 voucher deal, which entitles me to 3 rebond or hair dye process.
I politely declined and they didnt say anything either (hope they don't curse behind my back lol)
Went out of the salon in a happy mood, because I didn't face any hardselling problems like others did.

The Bad:
I don't really like it when I see stylist brush the chemical dye on my scalp, and he precisely did that.
But I didn't tell him la, just let him do his work.
Anyway, I felt a little pinching pain on my scalp lor.
Maybe the chemical a bit too strong for me.

Another thing is the smell.
OMG I am still suffering from the bad ammonia smell even after shampooing again!
I guess the hair dye is a lousy one la, but I can't complain much since its $25!
The last time I had a bad hair dye smell was in Seoul.
Previously when I dyed in Singapore salons (without voucher deals) it was okay.
Not so bad smelling like today's.
Guess it's true that the more you pay, the better quality you get.

Anyway, the color on my hair isn't really even.
It is really light at the crown/top of my hair, and darker at the bottom.
But never mind, I hope that the more I wash it, the more even it gets
(does it make sense? lol)

Overall, for the price I paid, and the after effect, I'd say the deal was a success.
Plus, the location is so convenient, which is precisely why I chose this deal in the first place!
They even gave me a $30 voucher for the next visit, which I didn't utilize.

68 Orchard Road 
#06-20 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839


  1. I know this comment is a little dated, but I found your blog through surfing for Exchange Hair Plus Salon review and I wanted to add my opinion on them.
    I bought a coupon for $35 yesterday (23 July 2013) and booked an appointment at exchange hair plus to add highlights into my hair. The coupon also had water spa treatment along with it.
    When I called Exchange to book an appointment, I encountered the worst ever front staff service. when I asked if i could come early ie, 1pm, i was told that I can't because they were fully book. The staff gave me a time (3pm) with a "take it or leave it" attitude. I told them that the earliest I could make it was 3.30pm, and he gave me a gruntle of displeasure and told me that its 3pm or nothing, rudely I might add.
    Undeterred, as I needed a highlight job badly, I came in to the salon.

    As I was seated, I told the staff that I wanted to have ash blonde highlights. He told me that it was not possible, due to my dark hair. He then wanted to sell me another brand of dye, a Japanese brand, for an extra $78.
    This means that on top of the $35 I have already paid, I needed to top up $78 more to achieve the look I want, making it $113 in total. THAT IS NOT A DEAL.

    the $35 package describes a "creative highlight". that means that I should get my desired highlights for the price I paid. I would readily top up 20-40 dollars more, since the dye job is $78 but I would not top up $78 as that would mean my voucher will become completely OBSOLETE.

    I hope that you post my review in your site, so that others can be aware of what a HUGE scam Exchange Hair Plus is.

    1. thanks for letting me and other readers know. for me, I believe I was lucky to escape such unkind treatment.

      I too had another fiasco with a coupon hair dye deal
      Emailed to complain but received no further news, except "we will look into this matter".

      I believe you have the right to write a complaint letter to Streetdeal regarding their client!
      All the best

  2. Hi There, I was researching on this salon when i found out on the bad reviews. To Sum it up, i purchased a $45 deal for rebonding but i didnt manage to even enjoy the deal. Rather, i ended with a "hair treatment". They claimed that they were unable to rebond my hair due to the texture of my hair which would not provided satisfactory results. The Hard Selling is OVER THE LIMITED, where i was being offered close to $1600 & even a $5988 package when it was my mere first time in this salon. They were very persistent though i turned them down constantly, even when i was about to leave the salon. Who on earth would purchase such expensive packages from them? They claimed that all the customers seated in the salon were "members".
    Luckily, I remained Firmed. I would take this as an experience & WOULD NEVER step into this salon again.