Review: Sho Teppan at Ion Orchard

Sho Teppan, sho good.
Settled on Sho Teppan at Ion since we didn't had any idea what to eat.
I only wanted Jap food and hence we chose this.

This is a teppanyaki restaurant where your food is placed on an induction cooker for you to cook.
Pretty much DIY, but the staff will come and help you.
Mine suggested how I should cook it

We ordered one soup based and one teppanyaki.
Mine was the soup based one

Look at this! This is just the veggies.
Anyway, you can choose either sweet or salty soup.
Upon the recommendation of the staff, I chose the sweet base
The veggies consist of cabbages, mushrooms, tofu, carrot etc
The main lead was the meat.
I ordered Black angus beef suki udon set 
The meat was delicious, coupled with the beaten egg, it was heavenly~
There's also salad, and you can choose rice instead of udon too.

Bf ordered the kurobuta pork teppanyaki
Sho Teppan Kurobuta
(credited to
As I was having flu and sore throat, I chose the soup one thinking that teppanyaki would be too heaty.
Kinda regret after eating some of the teppanyaki meat.
The flavourings and spices were all so awesome
For people who love fatty pork meat, this is the one.
(too bad for those who don't want haha)

Btw, drinks are additional charges
We ordered hot green tea and it was $2.
Black Angus suki - $15.90
kurobuta pork same price too
Inclusive of gst and svs charge, total damage around $40

I think it was quite a reasonable price, considering I enjoyed my meal.
Will go back again :)

 2 Orchard Turn
#B3-19 ION Orchard
Tel: 65099969

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